Friday, February 3, 2012

The foot is a difficult patient who likes to give off signs of impending recovery that never come to fruition.

The foot has perhaps become too used to its pampered and slothful lifestyle and no longer knows what a honest day's work looks like.


  1. I shake my fist at "the foot" and then wag a finger at it for good measure.

  2. Oh, dear baby jeebus, this blog is hilarious.

    I remember when I shattered both the bones just above my left ankle, and sitting, just sitting, for months. Waiting. Listening for the voice of my leg to call me, and say that I could use it again. Very gnarly.

    Stay strong, sista.

  3. Wow.. your foot is mad at you.. I hope that you can use it again VERY soon. I can't imagine being without a foot, when it's still actually there. what a PITA!!

  4. OMG this is hillarious!

    I hurt my foot a couple of weeks ago and I'm dying for recovery. Thanks for showing me that I have nothing to complain about.

    Get better soon :-)