Saturday, March 17, 2012

a dream realized

On November 22, the foot shared its most deeply held dream: to one day again a take a shower standing up. Today, March 17, the dream was realized.

The foot's heart is full ... and yet, with this dream achieved, a certain aimlessness begins to gnaw at the back of the foot's mind, indeed at its very soul.


  1. Just so you know, this journal is completely amazing and hilarious. I'm sorry about your foot, but at least your sense of humor is intact.


    Stacy (one of your loyal AAM readers)

  2. This was very entertaining to read. I too have a foot swaddled in bandages & splint, the first cast comes Thursday. Glad you're doing better & can enjoy that shower standing up (I have 7 weeks to go UGH)


  3. Really really late to the party but hope the foot is well and still getting pedicures